Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Asta La Vista Bay-bee

That's right folks, I've actually been painting figures and I've been lov'in it, lov'in it, lov'in it. Have some work in progress b'hatch!

Having spent the afternoon of yesterday's day off watching some of the weekend's rugby form the painting table I've base-coated and washed down ALL of the remaining clones and started the highlight work.

Going for the blue skin-tone has reduced the available palette to a lot of natural, earthier tones without a few stand-out reds and off yellows. This in itself has helped unify a fairly rag-tag bunch and has proved a satisfyingly different project.

With "Arnie" here, the moment I base-coated the skin I just had to go for the whole 80s Miami Vice look, which I've always felt suits any future look particularly well.

I'm not particularly happy with the photo and feel that I have had differing results throughout the blog to date so that's a WIP as well. I'll ask Jon, he'll know.
Just got the skin highlighted on these three, who are particular favourites. I'm particularly pleased with the pink tracksuit on the gunner girl and the desert camo trousers on molotov mike. I can barely wait to get back to them, but will have to as life once again intervenes though not always negatively :)
The anti-tank chaps will have to wait their turn for a bit as working in smaller batches has really helped me kick on. After that a section of their trooper brethren lie in wait followed by some touch up and repair work for those previously completed.

Maybe then some transport will be considered and the the Hulk box will get some lovin'.

Speaking of which it's toys at the club tonight so I'd best be off and away...........

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