Monday, 26 October 2009

That warm and fuzzy feeling.....

....that can only be a wargames show!

GamesFest4 was a local show, with lots of local people, in Watford.
The club, Enfield Gamers, attended ostensibly to try and recruit some new bums on seats. It was my first show for ages and I was all rather keen come the big day.

The show itself had a bit of everything with wargames, roleplaying and re-enacting all present as well as a number of sci-fi / fanatasy authors and artists in attendance including a rather lost looking Jervis Johnson and Steve Jackson relaunching the Fight Fantasy roleplay books.

Ambling around the slight muggyness of many large men with too much facial hair it quickly became apparant that by covering all the bases the show felt very "thin" in almost every way possible, which was a shame as the level of effort from the organisers was patently genuine.

Going against conventional wisdom the trader stands were located centrally and the gaming tables around the outside of the room. Being late entrants we found ourselves squeezed up against a wall. Not too many recruits to be had then i'm afraid and we'd actually PAID to attend.

On the positive side we all had a decent lads day out and most of us found a bit of hobby impetus chatting about potential projects and generally being enthused about toys.

Shado. Mike and a couple of the other guys took part in the 4oK doubles tourney, which featured a great deal of folical foliage, as you can see above and all in the best of humour of course!

We ran one solitary chap through a game of the Uncharted Seas, though Mr Christian finally gave in and bought a fleet. Rich's Pacific '44 game looked and went down much better with a cople of us getting to roll some dice prior to the campaign. Another up!
For myself I sold the guts of my Empire army on the bring and buy, walking away with £200 of folding to re-invest in Star Wars clix, assuming I can track some down!

Sweet sorrow really, an analogy for the day as a whole, as I put a lot of time and effort into the army with some very nicely painted units but I simply have no motivation to play the game anymore and they hadn't rolled dice in anger for quite sometime :(

There are a few decent bits left to possibly stick on E-Bay and more to simply get shot of including an awful lot of sprue. It's the plaster effect, I don't want to do it but I know that I have to.

Ah well, Pacifc '44 at the club tomorrow night. Onwards and upwards.....BANZAII

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