Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Battered, Bruised but Unblooded

Q: How well did the first night of the Blood-Bowl 7s go for The Brajhd-Fjord Bullz?
A: A 4-Nil drubbing to Aaron's Lizardmen!

Now hold on a mo, I haven't had the chance to make my excuses yet :)

Due to the format of the league I started with my minimum 7 players, leaving a 120K big wedge in the kitty for "future development". So that's 3 Dwarves, 1 Bull Centuar and 3 Line-Slaves.

The opening turn or so was fine. This was my first time out with Chaos Dwarves and BB-7s is a very different game.

Though we expect to be getting in two games a night the lack of practice games really showed and so it was just one round last night.
A decent hit from a Saurus saw a Line-Slave badly hurt and a rush of blood saw me put in a foul with another only to get him sent off! Aaron duly scampered through the gap in my line for the opening score of the game.

I was very impressed by Aaron's large based ball marker (above) and unashamedly plan to steal the idea!

With my final Line-Slave knocked out and repeatedly failing to come round I played almost an entire half the game with just four players, all of whom had AG2In such a situation Aaron was always going to get the rub of the green and another 3 TDs followed. Game over man, game over!

On the upside, the Line-Slave returned just in time to complete a pass and claim the MVP thus gaining Sure Hands, which I'm sure will prove golden! I also generated just enough cash, the league rules keep cash tight, to recruit a second Bull Centaur.

More importantly nobody ended up dead or injured, so in all a classic "development" game. I just hope my luck improves once they're painted.

Elsewhere, I finally realised that I'd messed about with my camera and set the focal length too long. Doh!

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