Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Its Grim Ooop North.......

.....or so they say. Probably something to do with breeding flat capped whippets down pits,.... or something like that??

As previously threatened I've got some time in with the tools, rather than the brushes, and have completed the basic construction of all of my Chaos Dwarf Blood-Bowl players, 6 Blockers and 2 Bull Centuars. I've used OOP Confrontation slayer figures as they're simply "too cool for school" with placcy goblin bitz as required.

The lad below is my first attempt at scultping the requisite ring beards and i'm not too sure if it needs to be built up a bit more. Possibly bit of a confidence thing as its not my greatest hobby skill. I shall canvas opinion at D&D on thursday!
They are rather lightly armoured as befits their slayer status though this is where my overactive hobby fluff abilities ride in!

I present to you all the Brajhd-Fjord Bullz a Chaos Dwarf team from the Northern most wastes of the Darklands. Thier isolation and exposure to Norscan ways has lead them to abandon their heavy armour (and hats!) of thier southern brethern as part of a beserker cult.

Bareheaded Blood-Bowl would seem to be a natural progression!

I'm guaranteed a bit more time in thier company this evening but would welcome any ideas / feedback should any of you be good enought to throw some my way.

Touch.... Pause.... ENGAGE!!

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  1. Centaurs are looking good:)

    For the beard 1 option would be to get some cling film or greaseproof paper, little bit of oil on it. Then make up some greenstuff and roll it out into tubular lengths and leave it on the oiled paper/cling film to cure (overnight if necessary), you can lightly mark a pattern into the tubes after 10-20 minutes of curing if you want, it should have gone off enough that you shouldn't flatten it too much.

    Once cured you can cut the tubes to the lengths you want, group a few together then glue them to the model, tidy up with fresh green stuff as required and add any adornments you might like.