Friday, 24 September 2010

Intelligent Auto........

... that's the function on the camera that I had managed to turn off!

The difference when it's turned on is quite remarkable as demonstrated below. With my ineptitude taken out of the equation I've been snapping away with abandon of a non-wild nature.
Twas D&D last night and as you can see Jon had put in a lot of effort with floorplans for the Deurgar FORTRESS OF DOOM!!

I then promptly ruined his plans by bluffing our way in, obtaining the relevant information by deception and then arguing with / convincing the rest of the party that there was no need to take on the entire garrison.

Boot on the other foot and all that but I did, briefly, feel suitably guilty despite reminding myself that this had happened to me more than once!

So, having deftly avoided all of Jon's efforts we continued on our quest to rescue a bunch of slaves by establishing their route of march and ambushing the guards.

As shown above they were well guarded at least until a flurry of critical hits by the majority of the party saw them off in short order.

Big points to Jon here for not resorting to forcing the party's hand as GM. It all goes a long way to creating the "illusion of choice" so critical to a well run campaign, which this is! (Abject grovel).

Meanwhile I've finished up the Dwarven element of the Bullz BB team. That's another 18 PPs in the bag! Though I've done more work than usual with construction / conversion of the figures the nature of the paint job has been fairly simple so it all balances out.

I do need to finalise names / markings but as I'm away to Turkey for two weeks on Sunday I intend to seek inspiration there. Once back, the Line-Slaves await.

A nice two week break for us all then :)

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