Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wierdy Beardys

Mornin' all!

It's 10:30am, so time for the 3rd coffee of the morning and a quick post :)

I was away at the weekend with the missus and a couple of the almost-in-laws around Ipswich. Get 'orf my tractor!!

Saturday we visited the Saxon boat burial at Sutton Hoo. The visitor's centre is particularly well done and well worth going round first before viewing the mounds themselves. They are after all just mounds and understanding thier background gives them a much better context.

On Sunday we went to Harvest festival at Jimmmy's Farm. Jamie Oliver's mate who has been busy saving the Essex pig at his farm in Suffolk!
Initially dubious, as a mixed festival of food and music on a farm, I was well impressed. There were plenty of different things to do and the day was pleasantly spent alternating between poking about, eating and lying about. Result!

Last night I finished all of the green stuff on my BB Chaos Dwarves adding long top-knots which nicely balance the baldy beardys. With green stuff I've learnt to layer up as necessary and that this creates more depth of detail. Seems so obvious to say but I'm really pleased to have improved another hobby skill :)

No photos, as for some reason I simply couldn't get any decent shots last night. Its the first round of the league tonight at the club so I'll put up an update tomorrow.

Additionally, I've still not received my goblins and will have to proxy Norse linemen for Hobgoblins, ..which gave me an idea! Empire Flagellants as slave linemen!! Order duly placed with GW.

IF and when I get the gobbos I may well do a team of them.... with Heresy Cyclops' as trolls!!!

Meanwhile, with the release of Isle of Blood I've had a bit of a scout on E-Bay and the mini rulebooks are going for about £15, which is £5 cheaper than I though they might be, and I still find myself failing to care.

Oh well, cest la vie.....

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