Thursday, 9 September 2010

D&D Social

Tonight's D&D session was somewhat limited as a couple of the guys got caught up with work, so we engaged in a different facet of the hobby...... :)

Having recently pinged up to fourth level the three players in attendance sorted out the requisite stat increases, with Rob poring over his Cleric spell list for an almost unseemly age, whilst discussing various skill combos........ NERDS!!

Having previous reached a plot-break we also under took a recce of the subterranean Deurgar fortress we've recently been led to and devised a cunning plan to con our way in. Hopefully the extra skill points I've put into Bluff will pay off.

Other than that it was Nerd-Chat covering the usual range of comics, films, computer games etc including The Boys, Capt America and Fable III, should anyone be interested.

It served to remind me that despite certain aspects of THE HOBBY being inherently solitary, social interaction, however basic, is a requirement of getting a game in and very often a big provider of the FUN element.

With so many forums and blogs in "the cloud" virtual interaction must be as prevalent as in the real world. A somewhat cheering thought given the natural barrier that is the undoubted social limitations of so many of our community :)

Meanwhile, here's a synopsis of our last session that was lost to my own musings:
Despite having more time on his hands than he might prefer Jon has put a huge amount of effort into his preparation of the campaign as this hand-drawn handout attests to.

"I would have done it anyway" he quipped "it would just have taken me longer." Well done that man! Pre-prepared floor plans that were well worth the effort once I tripped the trap and got the rest of the party surrounded by undead!

In my defence Jon, as reward, did set a Wight on me :( Then we worked through how Rob's Cleric'c undead turning ability worked and all but one Skelly duly returned to dust!

I still got to keep my new admirer, until Charlie put two arrows in him, whilst, to our great mirth, Mr C's Paladin repeated failed to put down the last bag of bones :)
To open the impressive set of doors that the Skellys were guarding involved solving a fiendish riddle.

I lead the charge to over-complicate matters, looking for clues that weren't there, whilst Ian went for the simple solution only to be proved correct!
Thusly was a big beastie revealed which, after my further attempts to over-complicate the task at hand, was soundly bested by stunning teamwork and/or luck.

Cue the "ping" of level-up all round and a nice wedge of treasure. Huzzah!!

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