Thursday, 28 November 2013

Do you MIND??!!

Evening people,

So, last night was the potentially penultimate session of Dark Heresy. Moving on, oh so slightly, from last time out we arrived at Sepheris Secundus aka Shite-hole Central. We had made good use of our journey aboard the Pax Behemoth practising our various newly found skills :)

Personnally I'd mind warped the vast majority of the crew and set up the Pax Behemoth Am-Dram society dedicated to working their way through the entire catalogue of Gilbert & Sullivan.

Eventually leaving the Good Ship Lollypop Captain Al-Jazeera insisted on accompanying us on the shuttle down to our "clandestine meeting" (GM's words) which immediately set our Spidey-Senses a-tingling. As such I decide to play nicely and shake his hand for a clandestine Mind Scan.

Whisk in hand, Mr C sighed sensing the worst;
"He's wearing gloves!"
"I'll give him a kiss!"
Open the packet, empty into bowl........ and after all that he knew very little :/

Getting off the shuttle we surveyed Shite-hole central and the background cacophony of several thousand serfs with several thousand hammers, hammering at several hundred seams of rock. Even Minecraft has a bit more tech going for it, no mega-machines here!

Introduced to Captain Rotland of the local arbites I went with a decidedly Gallic double cheek kiss Mind Scan and then proceeded to "introduce" myself to anyone who didn't immediately flee my presence.

Whilst being escorted to Arbite HQ we mused that in Baron No-Ore we had our Spartacus, though a rather decrepit beardy version without muscles or combat ability, and several thousand serfs with several thousand hammers........BUT that's definitely NOT an option within the scenario book!

"Introducing" ourselves around  Arbite HQ we got them to bring up a holo-map of all the attack locations which with a quick Logic and Forbidden Lore - Warp deciphered the ARCANE EVIL ATTACK PATTERN and pinpointed the FINAL LOCATION. That much was in the book at least!

At this point Captain Rotland decided we should go and visit the Imperial Gaurd and various other side plots. Not feeling the need we went all Inquisitorial Seal on his ass and insisted on turning out the Fuzz and legging it down to Daemon-Summoning Central at double time.
Mr C sighed and turned through five pages of the scenario book......FIVE!

Dear old Baron No-Ore suggested a shortcut, which we again refused, only for us to end up at a read aloud section anyway :/ It turned out to be an old Broken Chains hidey hole with new psychically shielded extension built from psychically imbued RSJs. A quick angle-grind later we were wandering off with several big lumps.

Moving on to the FINAL LOCATION we set up our stake-out and waited and waited and waited, ignoring an obvious diversionary attack mincing a few hundred serfs with a few hundred hammers. Apparently the FINAL CONFRONTATION doesn't come with a couple of dozen Arbites at our backs.....

Tune in next week for more fun, frolics and whipped dessert :)

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