Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Socially Board?

Evening people,

Returned to Enfield Gamers last night for an evening of Formula D and Dreadball in anticipation of a new year championship and champions league respectively. Somehow I managed to win both events, each on the very last roll of the dice.

Two laps of Formula D with the advanced rules saw a far more "sensible" approach taken by the pack of six drivers, rather than the usual thrash round the track. It wasn't too taxing or slow and actually produced a far more realistic race. Rich has sorted out some home rules for KERS and DRS which add a bit more flavour and an extra layer of tactics.

The racing was fairly cut-throat with myself and Shaun constantly swapping pole position. Shaun got ahead of me into the last corner, looking odds on for the chequered flag, only for Lady Luck to spurn him and spoil me. No rules for pulling doughnuts but good fun.

Taking a little longer than expected myself and Rich cracked through a 50 minute game of Dreadball. Rich ran his Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle Teratons while I went all Striker Veermyn.

Close all the way the Teraton Jacks ball handling was decidedly mixed while the Gaurds struggled to do any damage. The Veermyn were as comical as ever with several chances to landslide the game repeatedly missed, no matter how many cards and coach dice I expended.

Playing with an Offensive Coach for the first time I had to make a concerted effort to remember him but he was definitely a massive plus. Stealing the ball almost at will I didn't miss the Guards who probably wouldn't have lasted too long anyway.

Nil-Nil after 14 rushes it was sudden death for the Terra-Jacks to fluff a simple strike and the Veermyn to finally redeem themselves. Still having so much fun with this game, blows Blood Bowl out of sight!

Saturday is a full on geek-tastic day of gaming with the boys. Given my dice last night I expect to the gallant make-weight. Just as well the oft forgotten social side of TOYS is such a good thing!

Have fun rolling dice people :)

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