Saturday, 30 November 2013

Alive and KICKing

Afternoon people,

After a period of personal, and possibly global, Kickstarter apathy a couple of recent offerings have prised open my wallet with relative ease. Definitley something of an achievement let me tell you!

First up is the one you're more likely to be aware of, Heroquest 25th Anniversary  Just like when GW splash released Space Hulk I caved within a few hours on this one. Should I ever maange to produce any Oddleg offspring htey're definately going to have Dad inflict this one upon them, along with Space hulk and Dreadball!

All resin and plenty of high quality pieces this a huge Fantasy roleplay resource, even more than Space Hulk for Sci-Fi. Unfortunately an IP dispute has suspended things for the moment but fingers crossed everything will be sorted without too many issues.

The second is Metal Made Flesh a set of Bladerunner-esque graphic novels. A setting that really floats my sci-fi boat and likely to provide a great deal of inspisration for Star Wars EotE when it kicks off in the New Year.

Currently I'm in for the set of three graphic for £25, pretty much a 3 for 2, and have been upgraded to a combined hardback. Looking forward to this one turnign up BIG TIME.
They were at Comic Con but somehow I must have missed them. With shades of 2000AD and Aeon Fluxx i'm all over it now. Well worth a look!

Elsewhere Zombiecide is still MIA with a couple of messages unanswered somewhat frustrating :/

I had been thinking about how to paint so many zombies, thinking about a white undercoat and washes, and then saw what Carmen has been doing over on his BLOG. Excellent stuff he never fails to inspire!
To round things out I've been getting very tempted to pick up a Klingon fleet for Attack Wing. I've suddenly got a few quid in the PayPal account burning a virtual hole. Mr C also has one of the special event ships that I might just have to "borrow" on a semi-permanent basis ;)

Live long and eat Gagh!

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