Sunday, 3 November 2013

Plot Armour

Hello people, bit of a mixed bag catch up post as its been another one of those weeks working far too hard for DA' MAN. Just as well I've got all this geekism to full back onto.

I missed out on the club Tuesday night but we did get a bit of Dark Heresy on Thursday. Following on from last time out it was last stand / final shootout time, though I didn't spend a lot of time involved!

Holed up by bank of escape pods we'd stumbled across the ghosts were good enough to run the pre-launch checks on them. Team Moron took little convincing to take up the more forward positions whilst one their squaddy type held back with the rest of. Commenting that they must have lead a charmed existence if this was their idea of combat tactics Charlie commented that now we were at the final event they'd lost thier "Plot Armour". Nice point :)

Contacted by some form of hovering holo projector the Dark Eldar Archon made all the usual promises about our apparent impending doom to which we made the equally predictable which point the projector went bang catching myself and Charlie in the blast. This also opened the webway portal from which poured a dozen or so Kabalite Warriors backed up by a couple of Grotesques, things were getting real ugly real quick!

I made a nuisance of myself with Fearful Aura while the rest of the boys took potshots at our unwanted guests in descending order of unattractiveness. Meanwhile Team Moron, bereft of Plot Armour, went down quicker than a $5 happiness consultant at happy valley's happy hour.
Splinter weapons were proving effective when they hit, as was Ryan's Nomad, Barret style, elephant gun. I was quite fancy picking myself up one of the pistols. Unfortunately this was the point when Mr Squaddy turned his coat inside out and took a shot at me. First time he missed.... so I spasmed him to the floor... at which point we repeatedly failed to shoot him, so he got up and cut me in half with auto-fire!

So while I had an enforced doze the lads kept up the firepower, though my unconscious form still exuded a Fearful Aura, with Ryan's Archon gun taking on the heavy lifting while the remains of Team Moron lept about the place soaking up Disruptor Pistol shots,....but rarely more than one.
With things looking pretty grim, well it IS the 41st Millenium and there is only WAR!!, Sgt HardAsFeth made his last minute appearance, Plot Armour heavily dented, and smashed the remaining Dark Eldar to bits....just as the hulk started to break up.

Looting as much as could be carried, including my snoring form, everyone bundled into the escape pods with frozen saint, sword and book in two. Returning to Baron Harkonnen we were somewhat underwhelmed with his lack of gratitude. We briefly mourned Team Moron, though more the fact that we ddin't get to take them out and dissed them heavily. We all then trooped off to our regular spot in the med-bay via the XP dispensary.
Hopefully I get to keep the armour I've so effectively befouled :)

Elsewhere I've attempted to stop whinging about what I'm not painting, playing or reading and actually DO something about it!

The Teratons and Nameless have been built, sprayed and vaguely threatened with paint. The Teratons will be green and yellow a la Wallabies while the Nameless will be a grey-green with orange detailing to make the most of the purple glory.

To that effect I dropped into my local GW earlier to try and pick up a grey-green. Somehow I ended up leaving with four possibles, a detail brush and the recent Skarsnik novel, parting with £22 in the process,....somehow it just happened.

Seriously though my reading has waned significantly recently and its something I want to kickstart. Ive always had a soft spot for gobbos and to be honest I can't imagine much easier reading than a Black Library offering!

We shall see :)

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