Saturday, 16 November 2013

I am a Storyteller.........

.....and my story must be told! Remember that one?

Catching up with my merry week of gaming Tuesday night at Enfield Gamers was Dreadball all the way. Two games rotating between eight of us I took my Robots, Rust In Piece, playing Z'Zor and then Orx. Both were tight games, winning the first by 3 and loosing the second by 1, where I spent quite a bit of time recycling players through the casualty bin. Tech Support were kept pretty busy with the welder!

With the 'Bots I've found it a struggle to get going against an aggressive hitty team, especially with just the 6 players. I found myself using up quite a few actions transforming only to get punched off the pitch and then starting over again. Not impossible, challenging.
I did notice at the Milton Keynes tourney that a coach works very well for them, offensively and defensively.

We're going to be running a Pudding-Bowl mini league up to x-mas as a prelude to a Champions League in the New Year. Think I'll be running Z'Zor, really enjoy them.

Meanwhile, Wednesday night we picked up Dark Heresy and started what will be our final chapter before swapping over to a bit of Star Wars EotE. Instant blancmange kit and orange flavouring at the ready!

Summoned by Baron Harkonnen, aka the Flying Fat-Man,to his Inquisitorial rock-moon-space station he showed us a rather sketchy, low budget snuff movie. Working out that this wasn't just a prelude to "keys in the bowl" it turned out to be a ruck 14 years ago in a mine far far away between a disgraced Baron and a Mutie who were both part of a rebel group on a backwater Medieval world providing some form of super-ore to the Imperium. Records show the Mutie died while the Baron, who lost a leg in the fight, was executed by the local Arbites.

Bringing our back off of various walls we were then shown a more recent pict feed featuring our Mutie and two of his mates Scaly Pete and Metallic Micky. Apparently reports of his death had been mis-filed but then so had the Baron's execution as he's in a cell 100 meters beneath our feet. Fecking Imperial scribes!

So...we're dispatched to Sepheris Secundus aka Shite-hole Central to put down the resurgence of The Broken Chains with Baron Harkonnen arriving a week behind us. Waxing on he let slip that the Baron was actually something of a progressive type, educating instead of flogging his serfs. Disgraced by the Queen he fled into the extensive mine system setting up the Chains with Mutie boy with whom he fell out about the requisite level of "direct action".

First off we get to go and have a chat with our plethora of newly acquired skills. I'm psy-level 4 now which means an extra dice to turn Daemonhost with :) I've also picked up a number of Telepathic skills.....

"When we get in there just hold him down and I'll do the rest, don't say anything!

Mr C looked up, deer in the headlights of an off-plot sourjon, mixing bowl and whisk at the ready!

Busting in Rob the burly Arbite pinned our man to the wall, his bionic leg and nice but dim air confirming his identity even before I employed Mind Scan.

Sachet and milk into bowl, orange flavouring and whisk at the ready!

So basically I / we worked our way through the five levels of Mind Scan, with a Compel added in to reduce his resistance, whilst asking a large number of highly relevant questions about The Broken Chains and their supply chain contacts that were never going to answered. This is also known as driving the bus directly at the obvious plot holes :)

Whisk, whisk, whisk as hard as you can! If you can't get them back on plot, no-one can!

Eventually giving in we slapped an explosive collar on Baron No-Ore and trotted off to our transport, a freighter call the Pax Behemoth captained by the delightful Kobal Aizdar aka Al Jazeera. With a three week voyage ahead of us it was discussed that it was a good point to "develop" our newly acquired powers.

Rob's Arbite did a montage of shots from the gym, dojo and firing range.
Ryan's Assassin snuck around the cargo hold jumping out on random crew with a garrote.
I Compelled the crew into multiple event of spontaneous jigs, shantys and frigging in the rigging.

Mr C produced a lovely milky desert with a subtle citrus flavouring!

Meanwhile I came across this article about storytelling with gaming. Top Marks :)

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