Sunday, 1 December 2013

G'Day Cobber

Evening all,

Finally finished up the Wannarua Warriors. I had an idea for Aboriginal numbering but found out that various bodyparts were involved that made it somewhat impractical so plain old numbers it was. 16 PPs slipping into December after a 2 point November.

They did turn out last week at Enfield Gamers, though the Pudding Bowl was postponed until this week. Got in a game with Rich against his Terratons which turned into one almighty punch-up settled by the only Strike of the game in Rush 14 to see his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles victorious.

Rich did mention that the solid yellow made it difficult to pick out the Jacks so I've put their Launch Gloves into a bone which I think complements well.

I've also, horribly sensibly, numbered up the Z'Zor and Forge Fathers whilst the Nameless are coming along nicely. All the guards are basecoated though I still need to work out the Strikers. Their different forms make them much more interesting to paint in team colours.

So Pudding Bowl at Enfield Gamers, two games a night, across the next three Tuesday nights! Trial league rules for the New Year Champions League! You know where we are!

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