Sunday, 8 December 2013

Set Phasers to FUN

"qoH 'Iv ngor legh HIv tel vup jIH!"
Evening all

Myself and the boys spent an entertaining day down in Hockley at TableTop Nation for some Attack Wing action. Rich was running the tourney with Mr C, Ian and Shado playing and myself making up numbers, which then became necessary.

So basically three tournament scenario games with Rich's Klingon fleet, otherwise known as a fairly steep curve!

My first two games I'm not going to mention too much other than to say I was fleeced by various "misunderstandings" which saw me awarded the first game by disqualification and a very close close loss in the second followed by a number of "revelations". Dolly back in pram, these things happen and some big points learned.

Final game of the day was against Ian's Romulans. A good clean fight with a mate was well needed. I did help out by playing like a chimp, concentrating on the scenario rather than my opponent, which quickly handed over the initiative.

Ian needed no second invitation, nor should he, and ran out deserved victor. As always we had a good chat throughout and both learnt plenty tactic-wise! See below for a flick-book!

I did, obviously, make a certain level of investment picking up a D9 Gr'oth and a pair of Kronos 1 Ka'tingas before we even got going. After game 1 I was half tempted to hand them back but added a second D9 and a Negh'var before the trip home.

I've also discovered that Bing Translator does Klingon!

Hopefully that tells you how keen I am on the game. Next event I shall be a fully paid up competitor :)
First Turn - OK so far
Turn 2 - Hmm, Br'el down!
Turn 3 - Errr, Mahk'tah go BANG!
Turns 4,5,6 - Run Kronos, RUN!!

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