Thursday, 12 December 2013

Confessions of a Gaming Pedant

Evening all,

It was round 2 of the Pudding Bowl, out pre-season Dreadball mini league, at Enfield Gamers Tuesday night at which time I persevered with my Terraton Wonnarua Warriors against Chris' Forge Fathers, Emerald Fury.

I also rocked up with my now pedantry packed Klingon Attack Wing fleet. Judicious investment of £50 plus various donations from Rich and Mr C see me with this little lot. Well pleased, Merry X-Mas to me! :)

Flicking through ships and crew cards I quite fancy going old school with the less crinkly Klingons and Khanto start off with and see where I end up.

Back at the club he game soon became something of a punch-up, often the case with myself and Chris, with both of us using our coaches for Attacking Plays as often as possible.

 Early doors a lot of my lads found themselves rolling around on their shells consistently failing to get back up. Not sure if that was down to a few too many stubbies before the match, or more worryingly too few!

Ganging up on the FF Strikers I managed to put both of them into the casualty bin, though Chris had taken the lead, at which point it became battle of the Jacks. Thankfully mine were somewhat more survivable with 3+ Strength and the ability to not be slammed in the back. Obvious really! Forge Fathers however CAN be slammed in the back, especially when you Teleport behind them!!

My star Jack, Steve-O, was soon toddling down the grid as fast as his little stumps would take him for a 4 pointer. Chris pulled back with a couple of 1 pointers until I paid proper attention and took a 3 pointer to go 5 up at the end of the 12th rush.

Weathering a final storm of FF fisticuffs I even manged a 2 pointer to take the game by a landslide, my first in a while, and my first win with the Wonnarua Warriors.

It did occur that a lot of that was down to an Attacking Coach, they make such a HUGE difference for a Jack team. After the first few rushes, rolling around on the floor, my dice did me proud, another big deal without cards or dice, though I did pick one up during the game.

For a tourney I know where my bonus MC are going. For a league I could see a slow start until that coach. I haven't run the Nameless yet but the Terratons are good fun so are definitely a contender for the new year league. We'll see!!

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  1. Given your new scrotal forehead fixation will you not be renaming your blog Oddlegs Birds of Prey?