Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Riding the Learning Curve

Hello people.

Whenever any of us pick up a new system, game, force or team there's normally an "initiation" period when you learn what works, normally by working out what doesn't work. I've always found that I've generally learnt more from losses than wins and is never anything I have a problem with.

Which is just as well as that was my evening last night down at Enfield Gamers. A good nights gaming it was too! Our pre-season Pudding Bowl Dreadball mini league kicked off. Standard teams plus coach with a few house rules to try out.

Though a seasoned DB coach I was running my freshly varnished Terratons, second ever game, against Rich C's Veermyn. An uphill incline was duly anticipated.

However....the game was very tight throughout, I lead for most of it and produced, but failed on dice, two clear landslide opportunities. Even on the final rush I had the chance to take the game but her Ladyship (luck) took offence to the fumes and claimed her price :)
Running three each Gaurds and Jacks on pitch I didn't suffer a single casualty whilst populating the Veermyn box on a regular basis. Remembering to go for offensive coaching plays was crucial, leaving the coach figure in my Away card with my activation tokens provided sufficient reminder, and produced a half field 4 pointer to set up a regular feed upfield. Teleport produced unrivalled mobility, especially out of threat hexes, and allowed a heavy beat-down to be applied with surgical precision. Even the Jacks got involved in that one!

Plenty learnt and I felt the affinity "click" that will see them on the pitch for the foreseeable.

Prior to the turtle love Mr C ran me through Attack Wing with a throw together Klingon fleet. Any lingering resistance IS now entirely futile (sigh) with a small fleet firmly locked onto my wallet.

I do find myself enjoying the game though with this particular battle, my third, it soon transpired that Mr C, tourney regular, had constructed his newly acquired Federation fleet as a tourney force. (Picard and Spock int the same fleet??)

Cue beat-down with her Ladyship also sticking in a size 9 stiletto! To rub it in at one point Mr C rolled one too many attack dice. Apologising he re-rolled for a better result rather than just taking the original minus a git! (Typo intended)

This act wasn't however unnoticed by her Ladyship who quickly changed sides and did her best to even things out with a couple of close range barrages which saw the Enterprise limp away as last ship standing.

Despite all the pantomime villainy I enjoyed the game and learnt plenty tactically with the interest to learn more. Selected purchases are imminent.

Meanwhile it's Dark Heresy tonight and apparently  REVENGE is a dish best served cold!!! (and possibly whipped)

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