Saturday, 21 December 2013

In Space, no-one can....

Turn 8 - KHAN!!!
....can hear you hack up snot balls! (Delightful I know)

With the Oddleg / Mr C household being a haven of man-flu its sort of impressive that we managed to scrape ourselves together for a game of STAW but somehow we managed it.

Playing next month's Wizkids Organised Play scenario (he made me Rich, honest!) Mr C took a couple of Valdores and a Prateus, he's addicted to mines don't you know. I worked out a four ship fleet of two K'Tingas and two D7s just because I wanted to try something different than all the three ship fleet builds I've seen. I deliberately picked captains with non ACTION text abilities as well as Khan Singh, just cos I'm a sucker for Wrath of Khan.

Avoiding spoilers we sorted the scenario stuff out in turn 1 and then set about blow the smeg out of each other. This mainly involved me sweeping around the starboard side of the planet a la wedge while the girly space elves ran away and attempted to hid behind their mines.

During the initial pass the dice went all one way, Klingon, not necessarily a good day to die just yet. To rub things in the first Valdore was down to one hull point and the second picked up to Criticals, both Warp Core Breach.

With both fleets pulling K-turns Khan pretty much settled the matter by managing to inflict four Criticals on the already smoking Valdore. After that it was moping up and home for tea.

With admittedly biased dice it was difficult to really assess the fleet but plenty more chances to run them out I'm sure. Time for a spreadsheet, a manly warrior like one that all Klingon warriors would be rightly proud of :)
Turn 1 - slow drift
Turn 3 - hide & seek
Turn 4 - flying wedge
Turn 5 - disengage

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  1. OK... OP scenarios and SPREADSHEETS mentioned in the same post. I'm sending SHIELD in to save you from this unworldly cult of 'C'.