Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fly Dodgy

Hello people,

Just one night's gaming this week, last night down at Dark Sphere running a bunch of TIE Interceptors all with Stealth Device.

More specifically a loaded Soontir Fel (Push the Limit, Royal TIE, Targeting Computer, Stealth Device) with Alphas. 

In short across two games it didn't really work, though that was for multiple reasons;
- my Evade dice generally betrayed me
- I didn't fly very well
- the Alphas weren't a swarm but weren't effective individually
- I didn't fly very well, especially Soontir
I still feel that the theory in there is sound,  the list needs honing with more of a purpose and I need to learn to fly Interceptors.....gradually :)

Meanwhile it's Lost Ark's Store Championship tomorrow. 
I'll be running something far more familiar to me!

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