Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dunkirk Spirit

Hello people,

Project Dunkirk, aka the miracle of the small ships, set out on a major offensive yesterday as myself and Mr C attended Dark Sphere's Store Championship. The day consisted of 6 rounds amongst a field of 44 players.

I was trepiditiously running Vulture Squadron (Catch the Pigeon);
TIE ighter - Howlrunner - Stealth Device
TIE ighter - Academy x3
TIE Bomber - Scimitar x 2 - Flechette Missiles - Proximity Mine

In summary I came 13th with two wins, two modified wins (draws) and two losses. I also had to fly against a total of 6 TIE Phantoms, a fleet of three in the first round and Whisper in the first 4 rounds. As a result I realised that I'm not very good at taking on Phantoms. Other than Round 1 I pretty much tried to ignore them. I appreciate the theory of trying to deny their de-cloak points but that means splitting the swarm......which was an idea I didn't fancy!
Overall I'm well pleased with my performance. The Bombers went OK but I definitely could have, and hopefully will, do better with them. The Proximity Mines were good fun and the flechettes have plenty on anti Phantom potential. The list did well against big ships, though there were far less in attendance than I expected. I also got a few compliments for flying Bombers at all and my paint scheme so all good.

As an aside I learnt a bit more tourney technique. My first opponent stalled the game by disappearing to the loo eating up 8 minutes and denying me a likely full win. I lost focus quite badly or Round 3 just after lunch and allowed myself to be pushed along at a higher pace than I was happy with in Round 4. Otherwise 6 rounds with just 25 minutes for lunch was hard work but still enjoyable even though I was suffering with a bit of lurgy.

Traditionally I finished the last few brushstrokes on the Bombers just 12 hours before rocking up for the tourney. As well as the Bomber Jon donated me his spare TIEs that I've put into Elite schemes. Something a little darker for Howlrunner, as I rarely leave the hanger without a Stealth Device, and a more aggressive red for Mauler / Backstabber. I have to admit that I wasn't so sure about marking out Howlrunner but anyone worth their salt can work that one out or themselves.

Meanwhile Mr C placed 1st after Round 6, and very well done to him. Unfortunately that was at 8pm and then there were three knockout rounds...... we had to leave. The 11am start time slipped to 11:45 and it got worse from there. How people are expected to play nine consecutive rounds, which ended after midnight is entirely alien to me.

So all in all a decent day out, greater motivation or Project Dunkirk, a few more contacts made and another 6 Painting Points. Looking forward to the next one :)

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