Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hello peeps,

A couple more X-Wing re-paints, just the two TIE Bombers then I'm out, this time my pair of Scum HWK-290 in preparation for a significant upcoming investment of plastic crack.

One of the HWKs was done and dusted but then I got the compulsion to try and get some black & white check on all of my Scum ships so some remedial work was required. Quite a bit of effort one way or the other but worth it I feel, very pleased indeed.

Not to brag but my repaints have attracted a number of compliments, which is a bonus, and it's always nice to go to town a bit on the bigger ships when you can. The challenge here was to know when to stop so they weren't too busy and hopefully I've got that right.

Another 4 Painting Points claimed, 1 for the remedial work on HWK #1 and 3 for HWK #2. They and Boba are likely to hit a table in Enfield sometime very soon :]

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