Sunday, 15 February 2015

Playing Away

Hello people,

Another X-Wing fuelled week keeping the world sane as Project Dunkirk continues.
Tuesday at Enfield Gamers I ran another TIE Bomber list. Having realised that Howlrunner is run best as a buff it occurred that Capt Jonus is the same but just for secondary weapons. As such I ran the following;

TIE Bomber - Capt Jonus - Swarm Tactics
TIE Bomber - Major Rhymer - PTL - Advanced Proton Torps - Cluster Missiles
TIE Defender - Delta - Heavy Laser Cannon

Playing Dave twice I soon realised how deadly  Rhymer can be though he didn't need Jonus. First game Dave ran Leebo with twin Hawks and got blown away. Second time out was Chiraneau / Mini Swarm and far closer. Jonus went early doors and I didn't fly the Defender too well to give the game away. 

I came away with some interesting ideas for twin Defenders (HLC or Mangler Cannon) or a maxed Rhymer as Decimator support. Quite possibly swarm fodder though.
 Thursday night I dropped in on Dark Sphere's games night. Working by London Bridge it was 30 minutes door to door and there were a few guys that I'd met and played last Saturday. Getting in a couple of games with another chubby swarm this time it was Howly, 4 Academys and a pair of Interceptors. 

On the night I went or a pair of PS4 Sabers but I'm likely to drop them to PS1 Alphas to have them run with either Stealth Device or Hull Upgrade. I can see the strengths and weaknesses either way, same with Howlrunner, Stealth relies on dice Hull doesn't. I'll just have to fly it a few more times and see.

First up was yet another Whisper list with Kath and a Doom Shuttle. Doom Shuttle died, can't ignore it, beore I chased Whisper round the table. I played her a lot better, working out de-cloak points and denying them whenever possible. Unortunately I couldn't make it stick and Kath hunted me down.

Second game was against Oicunn and a mini swarm. I tried coming around the edges but turned in too early and then the dice went against me....Game Over!

In all a good night. Amusingly even the guys at work who know about Toys realised it was the wrong night and asked me if I was out cheating on Tuesday! Have to admit it was interesting on a couple of levels as when I was back with GW I couldn't understand why a lot of older guys would play in the shop but then Dark Sphere's a very different crowd. Besides a regular Thursay night game means that I may even dig Dreadball Extreme out of the box!

While I was there I picked up a second Firespray, having spent some time working out a couple valid Scum Boba & Kath lists. This one will be a full Boba repaint. Gotta scratch the itch :)

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