Sunday, 22 February 2015

Big Ships Rarely Tire

Hello people,

Yesterday myslef, Mr C, Dave T and Hadrian T rocked up at Lost Ark for thier X-Wing Store Championship.

I'm a big fan of Lost Ark and have always had a good day out with them. With a field of 24 it was a more laid back event with a number of well known friendly faces.

As such I was running a more laid back list which kind of bits and pieces;
Decimator - Patrol Leader - Darth Vader
Firespray - Kath Scarlet - Rebel Captive
TIE Fighter - Backstabber 

In short across four rounds I went 2-2 to finish a respectable 11th.
First up young Flint gave me my best game of the day with a unique Chewbacca build just taking the win. Second game was against five A-Wings which was always going to be a struggle and my opponent made it worse. Best forgotten for many reasons.

Two losses saw me up against Mr C who was running the same Rebel swarm list that had done so well for him at Dark Sphere. It was a very close game but I took it at the last. This is what I love about X-Wing, many lists can do well on thier day. My final game against Luke, Wedge, Biggs and a Tala was a bit of a cakewalk. 

There were plenty of big ships and 360s in attendence so it was good to see a TIE swarm take the title. Huge kudos to Dave T who ran a Patrol Leader and two Sigmas to finish first after four rounds, only to go out at the first eliminator.

Generally speaking I was happy that I flew pretty well on the day. Backstabber was fun but the list lacked much synergy, which was no great surprise. For myself I've decided to concentrate on running a supported mini swarm for a while. It's flexible, seems to suit my style and still gives plenty of options. I may need to ween myself away from Howlrunner :)

On that note I've recently finished up my Boba repaint, 3 PPs, and I'm very, very pleased with him. My own version I've squeezed in a bit of check to fit with my Scum while keeping to his classic scheme.
Furthering that note I pre-ordered two of everything from Lost Ark as we're back up there next Saturday for Attack Wing. Ironic?

I've told myself that I'm going to have to control myself with it all.  Hmmmm.......;)

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