Friday, 26 June 2009

May the Farce be with you!!


I have purchased the latest incarnation of the Star Wars Roleplay Game main rulebook. It's the first time i've bought any form of roleplaying stuff in more years than i'd care to admit to :)
I ALMOST picked up one or two sourcebooks but sensible-ness, coupled with my current overdraft status, "saved" me. I probably could have done with getting various shaped dice though.

So far I have skim read the cool bits and marvelled at the artwork whilst making relatively quiet laser and light-saber noises to myself as I waited for the bus.
I have at least established that I have plenty of reading to do, which won't be too onerous as i'm on a course next week in Crawley and this will give me something to do in the evenings.

Having massively jumped the gun, i've got the bones of the opening adventure pretty much sorted out and a few amusing details.
The campaign will be very open and the plot driven primarily by the party. They'll start from a morally neutral point and will be offered various factions to work for. If they go dark side then that's fine by me, it would make a nice change from saving the galaxy once again.

Rich is going to playing a wookie and following one of his suggestions he's going to have to communicate in "howls". These will take the form of a number of phrase cards that he can hold up the idea being that the group can translate a number of common wookie phrases.
This will be fun and interesting, possibly VERY, but at least one of the party, probably Aaron's Ithorian Noble, will be able to translate fully for the rest of the group.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of family duties, which will necessitate recording the Lions game and avoiding the result at all costs. On the upside I may get a birthday gift a week early...... a digital camera, which means just one thing,; a furrowed brow, expletives and possibly even the posting of blurry toys :)

Until tomorrow.

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