Wednesday, 2 June 2010

First Contact

In terms of planning I mean and the hoary old chestnut that no plan survives contact with the enemy. But REALLY!!

I just wanted to have a barbie, have a bit of a chuckle, be "proud father" to my gaming shed and do some roleplay.

After a reasonable weekend and a nice Monday, Tuesday just had to rain. Mr Chrisitian got stuck at work and Jon got lost on the way over and seems to have changed his mobile number!!

Still, a bone-headed obstinance (mine) still managed to produce a VERY smokey barbie and a selection of charcoal grilled meat products. Thank you Mr Dawe.

After giving up Jon for lost we played a couple of hands of Munchkin and shot the sh!t. I basked in the glory of the shed. So, on reflection, three out of four is pretty good.

We'll just have another go in a couple of weeks time and Jon has kindly volunteered to provide Hob-Nobs. Well done that man :)

I did a long day at work and then the ironing yesterday so tonight i'm going to make a start on my Brood-Lord. It's the little things......

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