Friday, 11 June 2010

Hamming it up

Afternoon people.

I went and saw Spam-a-lot last Saturday at New Wimbledon Theatre and it was excellent!! No womble jokes but the quality of the ham would have put Marks and Sparks to shame.

All the best gags were rolled out with an extra few thrown in to keep the faithful guessing. The whole "hue tracks of land" bit had Lancelot outed from the closet with the lady of the lake turning up on a regular basis.

Marcus Brigstock played Arthur, which I didn't think was very "him", pretty well and was something of the straight man of the piece.

Rude Frenchmen (really??), The Knights who say you know what, Tim the Sorceror, Brave Sir Robin, a fluffy bunny and a shrubbery. All accompanied by a bottle of Holy Gr-Ail, I kid thee not.

Winner :)

All good fun, which has always been my prime motivation for gaming, other than my crippling dork-side ....obviously.

So I decided to take a little bit more of that attitude down to the club on Tuesday for the next round of Uncharted Seas.

'Twas a fairly quiet evening. We've decided to have our latest six month meeting and there are some dificult decisions to be made, so levity seemed approprite.

Eventually, it was sorted out that I was to take on Malk and his Dragon Lords, including his dragon. I've been AWARE of the flying rules existence for a while now. I've downloaded, printed and even LOOKED at them. I hadn't actually played with them, which is when I actually pay atttention, so it was going to be interesting.

I'd heard about thier effectiveness and was relatively wary. I was even less impressed when the game started, once again, with the wind in the faces of my sailed cruiser. I did actually pay attention this time and kept my fleet together, moving at thier slower pace.

I hadn't played against Dragon Lords either and Malk was soon demonstrating their effectiveness at range. Tacking to and fro he maintained his range from me sending in broadsides with relative impunity. It was most instructional!!

Despite some useful manouvring of my own to return fire, aped i'm sure, it soon becam clear that I needed to close the range. Initially wary of the dragon and targeting it early, I soon realised that I couldn't be held up by it and pushed on.

And then in the space of two turns the destruction was unleashed. I reckon it was because Malk was leant me the use of his dice. Quite simply, they betrayed him!!

Somehow, my two battleships had taken and prized his batleship and twin heavy cruisers and heavily injured the dragon to the point of ineffectiveness. The game turned viciously and I somehow scored the most decisive victory that the campaign has seen to date. I still don't know quite how.

A game against an excellent opponent that taught me plenty and somehow landed in my lap. Can't ask for anymore really. I duely apologised and tried not to gurn too much.

Last night's game however was almost a very different story. Almost :)