Sunday, 20 June 2010

Make Love, not War

So, continuing a theme, Dempsey and Makepeace or am I on my own again?

Chalk and cheese 80s cop show based in London with Mr Dempsey a hard bitten Noo Yoiker and Ms Makepeace from an affluent middle class family. One episode involved "Make Love not War" t-shirts soaked in a Cocaine solution to aid smuggling.
Anyway, these two reminded me of them. As Heresy's offering a la Fifth Element I hadn't planned on her being quite so punkish, but its where the process took me. Somewhat organic, it was a pleasurable paint none the less.

Ostensibly they were painted for the Star War RPG campaign the first chapter of which was concluded Tuesday night just gone. As I said to the lads its been a real pleasure to run rediscovering my love of RPG and giving me an excellent creative outlet.

I already have a number of ideas to open Chapter 2 with and a decent list of hobby projects to boot. Plenty of time though. I do just need to tap events up and sort the last few bits out though.
As mentioned previouly we've returned to Jon's D&D and i'm really looking forward to it. As much as i've enjoyed running a campaign it'll be just as good to take part. As GM your rarely get to put so much in to any one character. So many tend to end up as the player's XP!

As such, i've got this little chap sorted out (that's a penny he's based on) procured from Hasslefree with a few minor editions from the bits box. I give you Tobias Flynn, slightly psycotic Halfing Rogue with the brogue :)
Specialising in acrobatics, stealth, bluster and the harp he should be a lot of fun. Maybe not so much for Jon. Ho ho, he he, har har!!

Thats 6 more points in the bag and i've got 3 days leave this week. The plan is to paint as many 'stealers as possible and get in some decent X-Box time a la Wolfenstein.

Should be good :)

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