Monday, 14 June 2010

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Why do all of my recent post start with text next to an offset photo?

To be honest its an aesthetics thing combined with minor OCD. In other words its a gamer thing.

Everyone likes nice figures on a nice table but why do we all stack dice? I know its not just me!

Once upon a while I go I went on holiday and took some books with me. You may remember the post. Maybe that one is just me :)

Anyway, I've finally finished War of the World. Between 2000AD and Rugby World the train home is my main opportunity to read. As such progress was a little slow at times.

This was, however, entirely down to me. I rarely read Penguin classics and I must say that I found Mr Wells' prose much easier on the gray matter than I expected.

The language used is relatively floral in-line with the time of its setting, the late 19th Century, but remains clear, concise and very readable at all times. Quite gripping in a suitably understated way the story is well told an eminently believable.
A hearty recommendation to the reader at large. Pipe and slippers optional :)

Going for something completely different, though in the "classic" vein, I'm currently reading Starship Troopers. I was interested as the "seminal" inspiration for so much of the Sci-Fi hobby and its write up as "a political essay as well as a novel".
As of page 82 of 222 I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Meanwhile, I've painted my Space Hulk Librarian. Well pleased, there's not a weak model in the set. Another 3 painting points in the bag.

Meanwhile 22 'stealers have been production line purpled. I was always going to paint these guys first as the "chore" before the Termies. I can see myself being very wrong about that one.


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