Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back in the Saddle

YEE-HAWW!! Get up there little doh-gees, I've a been a paintin'

With LIFE and the house back in groove I've managed to get in some decent brush-time. I and the missus had a proper day off yesterday, went nowhere, and both indulged our respective hobbies.

I've also introduced her to the first boxed set of Rome, which received whichever was the actual positive thumb positioning, and we got through the first three episodes.

I've finished off Captain Throne here and feel entirely justified in claiming 3 full painting points.

He's a gorgeous figure in his own right, with a high level of detail, that I've thoroughly enjoyed painting, not least for moving on my painting technique a shade or two. ZING!!

I'm really pleased with the final finish, especially the yellow. I'd read an article about using Iyanden Darksun (GW Foundation Paint) and working up by adding Bleached Bone. Looking a bit dusty and overworked at times a couple of intermediate yellow washes really did the trick. A final "glaze" of Gryphonne Sepia, never previously used, had me happy as a sand-boy :)

Next up was El Brood-Lord and the grand importance of setting the colour scheme. A critical decision for any painting project I felt the need to take my time, furrowing my brow appropriately.

With a total of 23 of the ceramite shredding gribblys to complete I felt the need to balance complexity against repeatability quite carefully. I want to make a good job but would hate to leave them looking overly "vanilla".

I quite quickly decide to go "classic", as is Space Hulk, producing a true lurker of the depths. Something slightly vampiric felt a good option.

So, Warlock Purple drybrushed with Hormugaunt Purple and Shadow Grey, keeping in mind the purple wash to come. Accents are provided by dark red spine, jaws and chest (Gore d-brushed Blood) with pink forehead, joints, hands and feet. Painting up the skulls first, to show the colour balance, i'm going with a dark bone claws.
The first shot is basecoat, the second washed. Just a bit of Devlin Mud for the base. I'll be waiting for an order of a few paints before going to much further. GW no longer do a pink!!

The foundation paints, however, are excellent. I find myself using them more and more. I've started the librarian and having basecoated Dark Flesh I've d-brushed up to Snakebite as a base for all of the bone, gold and purity seals. With the other Terminators this will give me a strong base for the reds. The strength of the Mordian Blue allows it to go straight over the top, no worries.

The red and orange FP's have been added to the order. My paypal account has done the honours, courtesy of the recently sold Everblight.

Recycle, recycle, recycle.......

PS: Hmmm, B-Lord photos seem a bit dark, might try again.

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