Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Three Day Pass

He wants YOU..... for his deep space lunch!

Its actually Thursday morning as I type and i'm gearing up for a full day in one of two chairs. The painting chair and the X-Box chair! England take on Australia (Cricket) in the one day format from 14:00 which will provide some background viewing :)

As you may have guessed i've finished the Brood-Lord and feel able to claim another 3 painting points and i'm very pleased with the result. Huzzah!
Yesterday afternoon I reintroduced myself to batch painting, working 7 'stealers through basecoat and wash.

ALWAYS something of a chore at the halfway point but is ALWAYS worth the result. Good prep and all that.

I'm also chalking up a bit of list of paints to replace. Hobby materials are just about my only GW expenditure these days. The updated release of Warhammer isn't even that tempting. Bit of a shame really but it would seem that i've just moved on.

Anyway, time to wear a groove!

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