Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ridiculous and / or Sublime

More whinging about another bout of  combined off / on sickness and far too much to do at work which has seen me unable to weild a brush or dice in anger for the best part of a fortnight :(

This evening I have recovered sufficiently to finish off my DW French battleship "La Chabal". Happy for all sorts of reasons all that was required was a few more washes and some minor higlights. Something about the scale meant that extensive highlights simply weren't needed. Luck more than skill but not as problem with any of that.

3 painting points might be slightly generous but such is life and witht he scheme set I've even started working on the Toulon cruisers and a squadron of destroyers. Hopefully I've started the ball rolling again after far too long rest.

Maybe someday soon I'll get to roll a dice or two :)

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