Sunday, 29 July 2012

Positive Mental Attitude

Hello again, time for one of those more positive posts where I've found the magic combination of motivation and time to actually acheive a mini sliver of hobby nirvana.

The motivation stems from some of my recent birthday gifts, Muskets and Tomahawks plus three packs of Perry's excellent Indians. The bobble-head mountie is form my Brother who now lives in Canada. I also got a non-cheesy Canada t-shirt and a pack of Polar Bear Droppings (chocolate covered cashews) which all seemed overly apt.

Continuing the great tradition of buying a birthday present for ones self I was going to pick up SAGA and Northern Fury but then Maelstrom had a 25% clearence sale and I succumbed to my last "required" cycle of Warhammer Invasion.

Meanwhile I've actually finished soem of the French DW fleet namely 3 Toulon Cruiser, 3 Lyon Destroyers and 5 stands of Tiny Flyers which I tot up as 12 PPs all in. Not so bad :)


  1. Awesome. I like them all but I particularly like ya Tiny Flyer tokens. Nice colours.

  2. Cheers. One of those paint schemes that evolved so much along the way that it's nothing like the original I envisaged. All good though :)

    Tiny flyers were really cool to paint. Just working out if / how to transfer the scheme to the larger flyers.