Friday, 31 August 2012

All Slow Ahead

Getting down to the distasteful business of packing up my toys and paints I realised that I have now fully painted up the DW French starter box fleet so here you are and I'm well pleased with them. I also have the Toulon Cruisers and the subs done but the Ecuyer Cruisers didn't quite make it so not a fully painted project just yet!

Two heavy flyers and six more destroyers nets me another 10 Painting Points though these will be the last until I get myself re-established which may take a little while.

Until that time I'll concentrate on gaming and have selected a few sets of figures to leave at the club for ease. Space-Hulk, Dystopian, Mordheim, Gladiators, the Oni and a portion of the AWI / TAM stuff plus whatever else I blag in onto. Re-establishing roleplay is another option.

As with every move I've had something of a clear-out and its quite scary how heavily I've "hobby-slimmed" over the last few years with the painted percentage rising substantially. This has also radically reduced my current projects list and the upside is that it'll let me reset somewhat.

Once I'm back up and running I can see my SAGA LOTR Orcs getting some time along with the AWI / TAM stuff. The break may just have saved me from the 40K infestation as odds are that I won't get reestablished until the end of the club's campaign.

Near miss? You tell me!

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