Saturday, 5 October 2013

Getting a bit Punchy

Hello people.

LIFE has been getting in the way again but Saturday I managed a trip upto Wargames Workshop in Milton Keynes with Rich J and Shado for Gaurdians of Tyr final Dreadball event of the year. It was something of a typical event for me, haven't played in a while, list written on the day, just looking for a few fun games.

As posted sometime I had intended to take Veermyn to the next tourney and had worked out that my extra 20MC was all going on four skill upgrades. However, having read a blog the other day about how to get the best out of Orx and Gobbos I was somewhat torn as greenskins have always been my thing.

So rocking up bleary eyed with a large Costa in hand I flipped a coin.....Orx and Gobs then!

Main advice was not to be backwards with laying the Smack-Down, so I did and against my own expectation I did alright with 2 wins, 2 losses and just the wrong side of an almost draw. Almost all were pretty good games so no complaints. I almost took Most Violent Player with 7 kills, 5 in game 2 (sorry Pete) but an utter dice stuffing in game 4 put pay to that one.

My bonus 20MC went on an extra Guard and a Coaching Dice. After the event I'd definitely go for an offensive coach, almost everyone I played against had a coach and they're very effective. The day was run as a five game mini-league which had seemed a bit keen on paper but all ran smoothly enough on the day and helped give the day the softer competitive edge that.

So, good day out, learnt a few (toys) things and most importantly I came home wanting to play more of the game I'd been playing all day. Result :)

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