Sunday, 20 October 2013

Board Stupid?

Hello people,

Finally finished off the MDF Dreadball pitch. It was one of those "organic" paintjobs where things developed as they went on. Fairly happy with the end result, a touch simpler than I had in my head I think I'm going to leave the subs boxes blank for the moment and maybe work on a graphic I like for the WAR-SPs and the Titans, though I'm now not sure if i want to go too specific.

Making more work work for myself I could get a few more subs boxes cut and then do one for each of my teams. Cool but a lot of work, something to think about. As a paintjob it wasn't overly demanding or technical but did take a while so I'll have a vaguely random 8 Painting Points thanks.

SO, for the moment Dreadball is a fully painted project, something of a rarity, just need Season 3 to turn up!

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