Thursday, 17 October 2013

Standing by to repel Boarders

Hello people, just a quick one tonight.

In between putting down another break out of LIFE I've slowly been working on my MDF Dreadball pitch mainly sorting out the block colours for the main scheme.

Want to have it as the shared ground for my Corp, New London WAR-SPs, and Orx, Tohn-Ghaa Titans the main colours need to be black, white, red and yellow which all worked well enough in my head but has been rather trial and error.

The block colours are in and to be honest feels a little busy. I'm looking to shad the black, white and metallic with a blue/purple wash and the yellow and red with a red/brown wash.

After that a bit of dry-brush highlight and detailing. Currently my thoughts are black and white for the detailing and some sort of team graphic for the reserve boxes.

Too much? Grateful for your comments. The weekend should hopefully see a result :)

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