Thursday, 24 October 2013

Back on the Ball

Evening people,

So, picked up my Dreadball Season 3 stuff on Tuesday night at the club which involves two teams the Teratons and Nameless, plus nameless Spawn. No book as Mantic have run out, despite having them in the shops!, but I did get Wyn to for my Robots.

As DB is my game of the moment the Uruk / Orc prep has been put on the hold in favour of shiny-itus and some seriously cool figures. I'm thinking vaguely Aztec for the Teratons, probably yellows, golds along with some shell patterning. Nameless are definitely going SQUID, I'll google up some images to work from :)

Otherwise myself and Chris got in a game on the new pitch Forge Fathers (Chris) against Z'Zor (Me). I took the one Guard version and the advice I'd picked up to use the Strikers defensively deploying just the one in the 3/4 strike-zone.

I think it was first time out for Chris with the Stunties and the dice gods didn't seem to be overly keen on helping him out. Meanwhile my bug-boys somehow finally clicked for me with the big lad laying the slap on both of the Stunty Strikers while the Jacks, after a fashion, did everything that my gobbo variants never seem to be able to.

Admittedly Can't Feel A Thing is HUGE and definitely blunted the Stunty Slams while I went out of my way to make as much use of Slide as possible at one point making three dashes to make a 3 point strike. Another good fun game, always are with Chris, with luck rather than skill delivering me a landslide.

Additionally I finally picked up my replacement / missing Jack the other week and as it was a one off paint job I decided to have him as a somewhat albino version spraying him white and using layers of wash / drybrush to build up his colours.

Pretty pleased, and another 2 PPs in the bag though I realised on Tuesday that non of the Z'Zor are numbered so I'll have to sort that one out, just not sure how just yet!

We'll see :)

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