Friday, 18 October 2013

Booze Cruise?

Hello people,

After a cancellation or two we managed to get back to Dark Heresy last night and picked up where we left off, in the belly of a space hulk full of Dark Eldar nasties.

Continuing on we soon found ourselves in a relatively intact Imperial Battleship of some kind. The church like interior tends to be a giveaway but the fact that all the lights were on without anyone was all a bit spooky.

As we advanced behind Brother Sergeant HardAsFeth, with myself skulking in any shadow to be found, we were soon enthusiastically greeted by a pair of warp-beasts one whom was running along the vertical wall. Playing fetch with high velocity projectiles I quickly failed a Perils of the Warp and then a Fear check to attack the nearest thing to me,....Sergeant HardAsFeth! This proved repetitive for me during the evening :/

With Bouncer and Rover dispatched the corridor from which they'd bounded took a strange writhing appearance which proved to be about a hundred of their pack mates. 

Sarge turned barking an order to rapidly tactically redeploy in the opposite direction only to find us well on our way.

Finding a fortuitous passageway which soon cut through what appeared to be an asteroid Sarge turned heroically to hold them off a la Arnie,...if only he'd had a cape and a wind machine. Preservationists that we are we let him trying to tune out his death rattle over the comm a few minutes later.

Emerging into some form of asteroid cave we spied the prow of a big black ship in the corner. As a psyker I quickly identified it as Imperial having served on one previously. I even managed to work out that a lot of the hexagramic wards had been breached and despite finding an open airlock we didn't fancy it much.

Almost as if by magic the Auspex sputtered into life revealing our impending encirclement by the beasties. It was almost as if they were herding us towards the Black Ship..... Ah, hello adventure train, almost missed you!

Making all appropriate haste we all failed our Perception checks to the tune of a cocked gun and "Halt!". MrC looked smug until just one word "Spasm". At that point we got a description of four humanoids who we somehow apparently identified as another group of Inquisitorial acolytes.

"They're just four guys in armoured spacesuits like ours on a hulk pointing guns at us"
"You can see a variant Inquisitorial seal on one of them!"
"We can spot that but not the fact that they were stood there waiting to ambush us? Excuse me for having trust issues!"
"Are you really going to Spasm them?"

Cue conversation about the free will of the party, it wasn't just me, as the instant blamanche mix came out of the cupboard. So, the Spasm roll went big putting two of them on the floor with an accidental discharge into a third and I failed another Perils of the Warp flipping myself into the floor. While I dusted myself off guns were pointed until everything cooled down and the blamanche mix stayed sealed.

At this point the adventure became impatient and beasties started flooding into chamber sending us all running for the Black Ship. Piling inside we decided to task our new allies, who we'd named Team Moron, with guarding the door whilst we set off in search of the Saint's sword. They didn't seem so keen so I decided to Compel thier leader. I say, is that instant blamanche mix I smell?
As and opposed Leaderhip test I passed by 36 while putting a -10 onto el laddo.......who passed by dice! I was however awarded 4 corruption points for apparently trying to kill a member of the Inquisition.
Ah custard doughnuts, I was wondering if we had any in.
Moving through the ship we soon met a bunch of psykic ghosts who generally bickered with each other whilst making grand speeches at us. After I failed my Fear check and had to be subdued we got them to skip to the end had them lead us to not only the Saintly Sword but the Saint herself, stuck in stasis, and a copy of Liber Daemonica which we had away and headed topside for the conveniently available escape pods. Chatter turned to sabotaging Team Moron's ride which met with grim annoyance.

Once again the adventure kicked us along with the beasties finding thier way past the wards and into the ship with 20 minutes of prep time left on the escape pods.......

So there we finished, with our regular heart to heart about letting the group make thier own decisions and mistakes, we'll take things more seriously......honest :)

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