Monday, 13 April 2015

Angel Interceptor

Hello people,

Another weekend, another X-Wing event. This time it was five rounds of relatively casual play organised by Scott Wilson up in Dunstable. Other than a minor issue over byes it was a good day out.
As is my recent habit I took a new list and placed mid table, one place ahead of Mr C, with two wins, a match win (draw) and two losses.

As much as I'd threatened to run 8 Academy TIEs I'd tried it out a bit in the week and realised that I'd really struggle with arc dodgers and possibly have some for of mental short circuit.

As such I borrowed a variation on one of Nigel's lists that he'd had good success with;
TIE Interceptor - Soontir Fel - Push the Limit - Autothrusters
TIE Fighter - Howlrunner
TIE Fighter - Academy x 4

Coming in at 98 points I was making a 2 point bid for intiative over any other swarm but when faced with other Pilot Skill 9s happily gave it away to move last to maximise manoeuvre, which surprised a couple of people. As I flew against two Fels and a Tycho this was well worth it.

In short when I flew Soontir well I did well and when I didn't I didn't. The third game, just after lunch which seems to be an issue for me, I flew like a chimp and got roundly spanked. Otherwise I competed well and had some excellent games.

I can see this being a go to list for a while as it's flexible but still challenging to fly. I'm decent with the mini swarm with enough brain space left for Soontir. Get better with him and the rest should follow.

For now with the Enfield Gamers Scum event on the horizon that's where my efforts will be focused for the foreseeable. 

Mmmmm Firesprays ; )

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