Saturday, 4 April 2015

Permission to Land

Hello people,

Just back from a day of casual flying up at Lost Ark. Five of us in the car made a good day out and half the field. I'd decided to give Project Lambda a proper run out and flew the ollowing;

Omicron Group Pilot - Heavy Laser Cannon - Fire Control System - Anti Pursuit Lasers
Omicron Group Pilot - Heavy Laser Cannon - Fire Control System - Anti Pursuit Lasers
Soonir Fel - Push the Limit - Royal Gaurd TIE - Stealth Device - Autothrusters

In short I won two of four games, most of which were pretty tight affairs........except the first one against Mr C's triple TIE Interceptor list. I honestly thought it would be the worst list I could face but he engaged me head on, lost Carnor Jax, and then ran off. After a while I hunted him down and his Soontir flew of the table.

Second game Dave T gave me another good game, and thrashing, though the score on the doors didn't really relect how the game went. Running a Decimator / Doomshuttle / Interceptor I dithered and then got clobbered by our regular dice bias. The final two games of the day were both hard fought, tense affairs, one of which edged my way, one the other.

Overall another good day out and I feel that running a pair of shuttles can be a decent, valid list. No-one expects it and the shock value goes a long way. Manouvre is crucial, get a bogey on your tail and it's all over. Soonitr works as well to tie ships up as much as shoot them down and is a huge amount of fun to fly well. Autothrusters used right are FECKING AWESOME.

Next week I'll be running the spectrum in the other direction and running an 8 TIE swarm.....

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