Sunday, 29 March 2015

Back on the Brush

Hello people,
It may not have escaped your notice that I haven't painted anything in a while. There are a number of reasons including time but mainly it's been opportunity and inclination. In short I haven't needed to be painting anything up for anything that I've been playing for a while and I've rather got out of the habit.

For a while I haven't really missed it but I'm getting the itch again and having been looking to get myself organised. This has been a pincer attack on two fronts to decide what I'm going to playing and as such painting for the foreseeable.

X-Wing is a given but I want to vary myself here. I've got a pair of TIEs, a pair of Scum Y-Wings and a quad of Z95s "earnt" but it's not as simple as that. I want to be playing what I'm painting and vice versa. Bolt Action needs to hit the table, while some 10mm Dacians need to catch some paint.
Pulpy goodness......
As a longer term prestige project Pulp City fits the bill particularly well. They're lovely "proper" figures that I can put some real time and effort into. Infinity could also have hit that mark but PC is already with me and my real limit is time, mainly to play rather than anything else.
Very tempting....but no ;]
So as much as I've had an enjoyable day playing Attack Wing and a first game of Armada they aren't going to be mainstream for me. The odd bit of time spent on them but no money.

That's the plan..... Deja Vu? ;)

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