Friday, 13 March 2015 must learn CONTROL!

Hello people,

Wise words indeed from a certain green midget and would you look at that, a post on a riday!

This week I have, unsurprisingly played rather a lot of X-Wing, 5 games so far, the difference has been that I've let my Scum of the leash. Holding to my intention of only releasing sections of my "investment" as I complete other projects I've been running Boba and a pair of HWKs, all previously "earnt".

Flying the HWKs, Torkil Mux and Palob Godalhi, with Ion Turrets was quite a change to running TIEs around the place. The Control element was a new one and Palob's ability is an awesome denial tool that I found immense fun to unleash upon and frustrate my opponents. Amusingly I was quickly found myself refferring to Pablo to later discover that Pablo Hidalgo a Star Wars writer providing the relevant acronym ;)

 Later in the week Torkil made way for Kavil and his ability or an extra shot outside o arc. I won two of my games, ran close in two and got trollied by a trio of Wild Space Fringers, who I was always going to struggle against. I was pleased to catch on to the Control battle-plan which with a bit more practice I should get far better at.
If anything the element that I had most issues with was Boba himself. I've heard others suggest that he's actually quite difficult to get the best from and so far I'm inclined to agree. Having said that I've got a few ideas and I'll keep on going with them.

Continuing the Control theme I've got a fairly quiet weekend lined up SO...........if I sort out the shoulder transfers on ALL o my Commandos I'll release the 2 Y-Wings 4 Z95s to my sticky mitts.

That's the plan anyway ;)

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