Monday, 16 March 2015

Stay on Target!!

Hello people,

Well, against my best expectations, and possibly some of yours, I actually managed to apply all of the shoulder patch transfers to my Commandos. 39 geezers being 78 little discs of dark colour. Despite fastidiously ensuring that left and right shoulders were correctly applied I'm sure I wasn't able to tell the difference.

No painting points but that is a pair of Scum Y-Wings and a quad of Z95s released for my delectation :)

Next up are the pin markers and smoke templates that have been languishing about the place. That will earn me my pair of Star Vipers.

Saturday afternoon I dropped round to Rich's for a full game of To the Strongest featuring a Germanic horde (Orcs & Goblins) taking on heavy horse and archers (Bretonnians) utilising Rich's Warmaster armies.

Playing full rules featured Strategm Cards, Heroes and the warband large units along with proper army lists. Taking the unwashed horde they proved as unwieldy as i expected with less heroes and larger commands to bully along. Rich's knights were far more nimble, at least in theory but potentially vulnerable once engaged.

Both of us set up a touch wider than we might have wanted to, I definitely did failing to stack my warrior units which simply filled my left flank with my light cab on the right. Rich had has archers and camp on his right and his knights fairly central. One of my Strategm Cards saw his elite knights slightly lost in reserve.

As expected Rich got the charges in and somewhat unexpectedly the unwashed horde held, mainly as I spent a lot of effort rallying off thier Disorder. Despite a number of failed orders and forgetting a number of rules we got on at a decent rate of knots. Eventually the unwashed ones made thier weight felt while the light cav proved highly accurate with thier javelins. 

Despite Rich's elite knights appearing on my flank he ran out of arrows and was forced to commit his right just as his centre dissolved. Crucially his main knight command became spent which meant the uber knights couldn't attack. With the horde heading for the baggage we called it. 

Second game so far, definitely keen to play the third.

Watching the second half of the rugby we cracked out the X-Wing crack and got in a game. Rich ran his recently acquired Scum while I ran a full swarm of eight TIEs. I must admit picking up a pair of TIEs last week. Technically that's not an infringement of the arms embargo ;p

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