Monday, 9 March 2015

Infamy! Infamy! dice have had it in for me!

Another week, another belated post and a lack of brush in hand. A rather busy week of real life though not unpleasantly so :)

Tuesday night down at Enfield Gamers myself and Shaun turned back the clock a touch with a run through of To the Strongest. Yes a 10mm historical wargame! Hopefully that's not too much of a shock to one and the other of you.

In short I rather liked it :) All driven from a standard deck of cards, minus the royalty, the basic mechanics are simple yet effective allowing for multiple activations and "fog of war" via the vagaries of how the cards fall.

Running out a Roman civil war there was an expected grind element before my horse out-horsed Shaun's left flank and started the roll up just as my left flank putting in some telling blows to take the game. I'm sure we got some bits wrong and there's still the advanced rules to bring in but all good so far.

After a long week myself and Mr C headed up to Milton Keynes Wargames Workshop for their X-Wing Store Championship. Having not played a game all week I went with the Pope-mobile / Mini-Swarm that did so well for me at Chelmsford a while ago.

Six rounds of Swiss was well run by Ian, as always as pretty much back to back games.
First round I was up against a pretty standard Chiraneau / Whisper net-list which I pretty much just ate. Chiraneau flew straight at the swarm while Whisper dithered and it was all casual flying. I did loose the Pope-mobile to a Vader force choke but I didn't want to take the risk.

After that it was five straight losses as my dice, especially the Green variants, simply refused to cooperate. Round four against triple Defenders was particularly bad as I could do very little while my opponent could roll no wrong. I'd even realised nor to get into a K - turn war but somehow it kind of happened.

I managed to clip Vessery but that was it. I didn't fly too well at times but still didn't deserve the dice I got. Only game of X-Wing I've had when I've needed to remind myself it's just a game.

Rounding out the day I finished one place above the spoon but still enjoyed myself. Again, to me it's a strength of the game that the balance is that fine.

Next time!

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