Monday, 27 April 2015

Obligatory SALUTE 2015 post; Making the Most??

Hello people,

Yes it's that time of the year when the blog-o-sphere is awash with my SALUTE posts so here's my hopeully vaguely alternative version!

As previously mentioned I rocked up with Shaun and Craig (aka the McTagues and yes it is supposd to rhyme!) as a bit of a last minute thing approaching the day as a social event first and a wargames show second. As a social event it was a blinder as I caught up with various gaming buddies and former GW colleagues and regulars (there's actually quite a decent overlap :]). BIG WIN!!
As a wargames show it was SALUTE. There were plenty of traders and games with plenty of pretty about the place. It was noticeable that industry standards continue to rise as the modern / new school continues to make up ground on the old and to be honest the old is looking OLD. CAD designed plastics and plesin is most deinitely the way forward.

For mysel I picked up the Bolt Action Order Dice that in NEEDED along with a pack of Warlord "Tank Smoke" along with some brushes and lock to replenish supplies. Searching about I located a 4 for 3 Show Deal on Infinity to take advantage of. This was allowed under the Current Project loophole on the basis that at least four of us, now five are making the investment. As such it was Aleph for Dave, Tohaa for Rob and a couple of Combined Army Starter Sets or my goodself ;) As you may have noticed they've been added to the sidebar.

On balance I had a decent day out but in honesty I went because I had the day free and Shaun was going anyway. I went with a purpose and managed all but a game of To the Strongest which wasn't too big a deal in the end. Othewise I doubt I would have made the effort and that's kind of the point. Catching up with people there was a lot of "same time next year". Quite probably but I need to be getting a bit more from the day, it's no longer a given.

Anyway, on with the pretty;

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