Monday, 20 April 2015

Marked for Death?

Hello people,

As shocking as it might be I've actually completed a hobby project that doesn't involve X-Wing!
Behold 24 custom made pin markers for my Brit Commandos and yes I do indeed expect to get shot that much ;) As I'm sure you've noticed they're little piles of British helmets which were spare on the sprue as the vast majority of my "geezers" are instead wearing thier fabled green berets. 

The whole idea just fitted well. Six Painting Points for the lot and they should see some action tomorrow night against Damien's rank and file tommies. A "training exercise" apparently though I've never had a problem with that sort of thing. I'm sure I can be Brandenburgers if push comes to shove ;)

I've also picked up a ticket for Salute on Saturday. I wasn't going to go as there's nothing you can't order online these days and between entry, travel and refreshments it's far from a cheap day out these days. 

However, Shaun is going anyway to see several men about figures and ill catch up with a load of old gaming and GW cronies that I wouldn't see otherwise. Chuck in the chance to play a couple of games of To the Strongest with the author and I was persuaded.

Many moons ago shows were a standard monthly event but far rarer these days. Even buying my ticket has gone virtual with a VR bar-code sent direct to my phone.

I do NEED some replacement Order Dice and will definitely browse KR while I noticed the other day that Crooked Dice will be releasing some cleverly named classic cylons. Otherwise we'll see what happens though I fancy a decent squizz at the painting competition and continue to live in hope of winning the prize draw.

Now that I'm going boots on the ground I'm determined to get the best from the day. Possibly a lesson in there somewhere :p

Meanwhile some of the Pulp City has found an undercoat and the smoke markers need some consideration.

Let's see what Saturday brings!

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