Sunday, 19 April 2015

Yankee Zulus

Hello people,

Something of a phonetic reference as I've finished up my Scum Y-Wings and Z95s. Keeping with the crimson, bone and check scheme was easy enough and hopefully they don't look too busy for it.

My Scum roster currnetly stands at two Firesprays, two HWKs, two Y-Wings and 4 Z95s which is plenty to be flying with or a while at least up until the club's Scum & Villany Event Day.

Pretty happy with them and six Painting Point on the scoreboard, plus another two for the last couple of TIEs but it's all about what comes next!

I did start putting my Pulp City stuff together but found my files and pin drill in dire need of replacement. The fact that I hadn't noticed tells me a lot about where my hobby has been recently.
As such I've decided that I must complete two non X-Wing projects before releasing any more Scum for use. The Bolt Action pin and smoke markers are a definite while I also still need to replace the MIA order dice. They are first on the Salute shopping list :)

Pulp City is highly likely to be project #2 and at that all of it. There's a purpose to this and otherwise I'm just cheating myself.

Just because I've worked out a scheme for the IGs doesn't count......much......honestly ;)

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