Sunday, 6 September 2015

Life on the NET # 2

Hello people,

Another 5 games of X-Wing yesterday going 3 and 0 only to get whitewashed in the last two. I was running a bomber based list, it needs work.

Tonight I headed over to Rich's for a few more games of Netrunner. We tried out a few new pre-built decks, much different to previous incarnations. Interesting to work through some different strategies. During the week I picked up a playmat and 300 card sleeves, which was barely enough. As such I've already broken my monthly budget by £8. Rich also had a couple of spare expansions including the incredibly useful Opening Moves which with a bit of creative accounting will be credited against next month's allowance....which is now already spent.....though I now need some more sleeves.
Next step is to put together a couple of decks myself. Definitely going NBN for the Rupert Murdoch effect and probably a Criminal Runner deck to attempt to broaden my horizons. It may be a bumpy ride :]

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