Sunday, 18 October 2015

Life on the NET # 4

Evening all,

Myself, Rich and Alex took our first step into the Netrunner tournament scene with an 11 man event down at Wayland Games yesterday. Unfortunately we all played each other and Alex caught a bye which limited our exposure to other players and decks somewhat.

For myself I had no expectations over getting in a decent block of games to assess my play and current decks. I'm fairly happy with my NBN Corp but far less so as a Runner wirth Gabe. Overall I impressed myself winning half my games, three with NBN and one with Gabe. Taking into account Strength of Schedule I ended up playing 7th overall with Rich 8th and Alex 6th.

Prize wise I came away with an alternate art Pop Up Window, participation prize, and a Criminal art box, as the TO had plenty of spares ;) More importantly I felt like I'd been competitive throughout with a bit of confidence in my NBN and a list of tweets for Gabe which have since been made. I also have a much better understanding of competition play. In my second round I first played as Runner against Jinteki Replicating Perfection. It was a challenge but I made a game of it, so much so that it ate up 60 of the 70 minute round which made the return set a totally different game which I was unlucky to loose. Big lesson on tourney technique!

All in all an excellent day out with a good relaxed atmosphere soon to be repeated :)

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  1. I learnt not to do OK in the first two rounds as you get stuck with the people who are really serious - still 4-4 is OK in the circumstances :)