Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Cardiff blues??

With great anticipation the Ashes starts today, weather permitting, on an apparantly dodgy track that's never hosted a five day game before...... in WALES.
Nothing against the taffs, obviously, at least they know how to play rugby...unlike the sweatys!

So productivity today is likely to be linked to the weather and the quality of BBC Sport's text service, which never fails to entertain in a myriad of manners.

Maybe I could get loads of work done by 11???


After a bit of a morning wobble are at 215 for 3 with KP and Colly well set......huzzah!
But as a hard bitten Middlesex fan, the pain is often overwhelming, i've seen the flashing blade of Phil Hughes at it's most dazzling. Admittedly this was against second division bowling almost as tepid as Middlesex's. Surely Flintoff & Co can offer sterner fair.


As I was typing that last bit the call came across the office "Collingwood's out!". All after I spent a whole tea break this morning printing out a Panesar facemask and sticking to the wall........

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