Sunday, 12 July 2009

Toys R Me

Steve + TOYs = HAPPY

Okay, yesterday's domestication got a bit big on me but I did get lots of STUFF done. I then got in some sofa time with the cricket and spent the evening communing with the x-box.

Gears of War is an old one but a bloody good one, emphasis on the bloody! Very slick given the visual "chunky" feel and a subtlelty of mission variation that I hadn't expected. Top Marks.

I then had a quick go with Fable II, until about half two this morning, starting a new "evil" character to continue my recent anti-hero theme. Due to the awesome scope of the game i've quickly established a cross-dressing goff boy with pig tails and an apparant Adam Ant fetish!

Awesome, awsome game. By taking a few different turns this time round i've already seen substanatial differences within the game. Who needs WoW....... not me!!

Actually, I do have a missus but she's away for the weekend so i've been unsupervised :)

Today has actually involved little men, in between the GP and the test.
I've finally set up my work area and got hold of my new camera:

I've also dug my 'waggid White Russians out of thier case and checked them over in preparation for some PULP style back of beyond games with the Ambush Alley rules that Rich J has been involved with.
Here's thier site and here's the figures:

The glorious leadership of Baron Vladimski, Olga and Yuri "the Bear".

The ladies, "The White Doves".

In the rear, with the gear, "The White Warriors". Soap optional.

Anyway, back to the test. It's got very tense all of a sudden. A draw for England is as good as a win today!

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